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Fiscal Software Migration Status

Redesign USPSr Workflows Module

Redesign USPS Employee On Boarding Workflows. We will have a demonstration during the April 20th Redesign Office Hour on how this works. Processes that you need to put in place to be able to get Payroll Items to pull into the On Boarding process.

eFP Training Videos and Feedback

The eFinancePlus team will be developing and creating a series of new trainings and training videos each month. The topics will touch on various eFP modules, tips, tricks, functionality, and usage processes.

We would love to hear from our districts if you have any ideas/needs for trainings or video topics. Please send us an E-mail to fiscalhelp@neonet.org with your feedback.

Reports Committee Update

The Technical Applications team is currently looking into different ways to pull data from USxSr. We do not believe some of the reports that have been suggested are possible using the current custom report creator. We are researching the use of the SOAP service and third-party tools and think this will be a better route. Along with this, we are working on cleaning up existing reports. A future date for our next meeting has not been set, but we are looking at the week of May 9th to schedule these

Upcoming Meetings/Trainings

April 6                  9:30 AM               Redesign Office Hours

April 7                  8:00 AM               eFP Budget Prep Training

April 20                9:30 AM               Redesign Office Hours

April 20                12:00 PM             Treasurer’s Op Meeting

April 26                9:00 AM               Fiscal Open Lab

April 27                9:00 AM               USASr Budgeting Training

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