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Technology Integration Training Menu

Each session can be held at a NEOnet Member District’s buildings or at the NEOnet Facility in Cuyahoga Falls. Sessions denoted with ⭐️ are available On-Demand

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Google for Education

Google Certified Educator Workshop (5 Hours)
This workshop will prepare educators to take the Level 1 & 2 Google Certified Educator exams. The format will consist of minimal lectures with stations where participants will work on activities where they use Google tools to accomplish specific tasks. We will also cover how to register for the exam and what to expect while taking the exam. The morning half of the day will cover Level 1 content, and the afternoon half will focus on Level 2.

Google Certified Educator Level 1 (5 Hours)
Become a Level 1 Google Certified Educator! This is a 2-day Workshop that breaks down all of the aspects of the exam into smaller pieces over two full days. Please note this training compliments the resources in the Fundamentals training available on the Google Teacher Training Center and is not meant to be a substitute for the material covered there.

Google Certified Educator Level 2 (5 Hours)
Become a Level 2 Google Certified Educator! This is a 2-day Workshop that breaks down all of the aspects of the exam into smaller pieces over two full days. Please note this training compliments the resources in the Advanced Training available on the Google Teacher Training Center and is not meant to be a substitute for the material covered there. It is recommended but not required that you complete the Level 1 Google Certification.

Streamlined Lesson Prep with Google Sheets & Forms (1 Hour) ⭐️
Teachers can keep track of all lessons in a single spreadsheet with Google Sheets, they can even use a Google Form to populate the spreadsheet with ease. This session will explain how to create a single powerful spreadsheet with all the necessary information and analysis to prepare for lessons.

Interactive Activities with Jamboard (1 Hour) ⭐️
Google Jamboard is a simple online interactive whiteboard app that lets teachers and students create all sorts of engaging activities! This session will show teachers everything they need to know!

Accessibility Tools for Chromebooks (1 Hour) ⭐️
This session will explore several tools and resources that teachers and students can use to improve accessibility on Chromebooks. We will look at several built-in Chromebook features and several Chrome extensions that help ESL students, students with dyslexia, and other special needs.

Math Quizzes with Equatio & Google Forms (1 Hour)⭐️
Math formulas and symbols can be difficult to create for some assessments. Equatio is a free tool for teachers to draw virtually any math or science formula or symbol and add them to a Google Form quiz! This session will show teachers how to use Equatio and combine them with a Google Form auto-grading quiz!

Google Arts & Culture (1 Hour)⭐️
Google Arts & Culture is a rich, interactive digital resource that invites users to explore the arts, science, history, technology, and the many ways those disciplines intersect with each other. This session will show teachers how to use Google Arts & Culture for virtual museum trips, primary sources, interactive activities, and more!

Making the Most of Chromebooks (1-2 Hours)⭐️
This session will help you learn more about effective use of Chromebooks and the Chrome OS. From some of the best tips and tricks to some great strategies and apps, this session will help you make the most of the Chromebooks in your classroom!

Google Workspace for Education Basics (5 Hours)⭐️
If you are just getting started with using Google Tools for your daily tasks, check out this session where we cover the essentials in Google Chrome, Drive, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Meet, Sheets, and Forms!

Advanced Google Workspace for Education (5 Hours)⭐️
Want to step up your Google game? Check out this session where we take a deep dive into using Google Keep, Drawings, Forms, Sheets, Sites, Meet, Groups/Contacts, and Earth for teaching and learning!

30 Ways to Use Google Slides (1 Hour)⭐️
Google Slides is one of the most flexible and useful tools out there! Come see this session to explore 30 different and engaging ways to use Google Slides for teaching and learning!

What’s New in Google for Education? (1 Hour)⭐️
Google is always changing things! This session will sum up all of the major changes of the past 12 months in Google Workspace for Education, including the different service tiers.

Google Workspace for Support Staff (1-2 Hours)
This session will cover Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Gmail. This session is meant for non-teaching staff to learn how to use the Google Apps for their best practices. We will look at all of the most popular Google Apps from a beginner’s perspective.

End of Year Google Cleanup (1 Hour)⭐️
As the school year comes to a close, teachers will want to tidy up their Google Classrooms and get things ready for next year. This session will show teachers how to easily clean up their old classrooms, prepare their new ones, use Google Takeout, and keep things organized in Google Drive and Gmail.

Grade Like a Pro in Google Classroom (1 Hour)⭐️
This session will demonstrate some best practices for efficiently and effectively grading in Google Classroom. Throughout this session, you will learn how to use Screencastify to leave video feedback, how to import grades from a Google Form Quiz, how to use Google Classroom Rubrics, and more

Google Tools for Using Data (1.5 Hours) ⭐️
This session will demonstrate some best practices for gathering, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data with Google tools. We will look at tips and tricks for gathering data in Google Forms, as well as several formulas, tools, and other tips for using data in Google Sheets.

Google Apps

Google Docs & Slides Essentials (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Google Docs and Slides have become standard tools for educators. It’s important to know how to use them effectively and efficiently for lesson planning, activities, organization, and more. This session will discuss all of the essential features educators need to know in Google Docs and Slides.

Google Drive & Gmail Essentials (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Google Drive and Gmail are central to staying organized. This session will take you through some best practices and tips for getting and staying organized all year long in Google Drive and Gmail.

Google Forms & Sheets Essentials (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Google Forms and Sheets are some of the most useful tools for teachers and support staff to gather, organize, and analyze data. This session will take you through essential features to know in Google Forms and Sheets.

Google Classroom Essentials (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Google Classroom is the perfect way to communicate with students, send them activities, and grade classwork! This session will show teachers everything they need to know to use Google Classroom.

Google Drawings Essentials (1 Hour)⭐️
Google Drawings a wonderfully simple and flexible learning tool! Use it for graphic organizers, art, storyboards, mock social media accounts, and more! Check out this session where you’ll learn all about ways to use Google Drawings to tap into your students’ creative side!

Google Sites Essentials (1 Hour)⭐️
Google Sites is one of the most user-friendly website builders out there! With it, teachers and students can create class websites, student portfolios, make projects and more! This session will get you comfortable with making your own Google Site and how to have students make one!

Next Level Google Sheets (1-2 Hours)⭐️
This session will demonstrate some higher-level functions in Google Sheets including creating custom charts, multiple formulas, conditional formatting, data validation, and mail merging. 

EdTech Tools

Making the Most of iPads (1 Hour)⭐️
This session will help teachers learn more about effective use of iPads and the iPadOS. From some of the best tips and tricks to some great strategies and apps, this session will help you make the most of the iPads in your classroom!

Making the Most of Your Clevertouch Display (1 Hour)
Teachers that have received a Clevertouch display have a great educational tool at their disposal! This session will get teachers comfortable with the Clevertouch’s features and creating interactive activities in the Lynx whiteboard app and Google apps.

GoGuardian (1 Hour)⭐️
GoGuardian can be an invaluable tool for keeping students engaged and focused. Teachers can monitor students’ web activity, push them to a particular website, or even block certain websites. This training will show teachers everything they need to know about GoGuardian!

Open Educational Resources (1 Hour)⭐️
Open Educational Resources are places where teachers can find thousands of pre-made lesson plans and activities. Some OER focus on content areas, Project Based Learning, or use a specific Technology Tool. This session will explore several places teachers can find OER.

Tools for Fostering Discussions & Collaboration (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Traditional classroom discussions are great, but sometimes it is hard to hear from every single student. Tech tools like Flipgrid, Nearpod, and Padlet get students talking and the teacher can assess each student! This session will explore those tools and others that foster class discussions and collaboration.

Quizizz: Making Student Data & Vocabulary FUN! (1 Hour)⭐️
Quizizz is a gamified quiz tool that teachers can use to gather high quality student data or drill vocabulary! This session will show teachers how they can use the free version of Quizizz to gather data and help students work on vocabulary!

Tech for ESL & Accessibility (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Many students require different accommodations to learn. Some students are not native English speakers, have trouble reading, or require specific IEP accommodations. Luckily, technology can help bridge the gap to help all students reach their highest potential. This session will explore many different technology tools that help make learning more equitable and accessible.

Flipgrid (1 Hour)⭐️
Flipgrid is a web tool that allows students to give video responses to a teacher’s prompt! This session will dive into everything teachers need to know about Flipgrid to help boost classroom discussions and collaboration!

Nearpod Interactive Lessons (1-2 Hour)⭐️
Easily make your direct instruction more interactive! Nearpod is an excellent learning tool that puts a modern and interactive spin on traditional lectures. This session will get you comfortable with creating lessons and teaching with Nearpod!

Pear Deck Interactive Slideshows (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Pear Deck transforms slideshows into interactive lessons with drawing activities, multiple choice questions, and more! If you have the premium version of Pear Deck, we will also explore the teacher dashboard, Immersive Reader, audio on slides and other great features!

Canva for Teachers & Students (1 Hour)⭐️
Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool with thousands of templates! Students can use Canva to make posters, videos, infographics, art, and more! This session will cover the essentials that teachers need to know!

Creating Instructional Videos with OBS (1 Hour)⭐️
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free screen recording tool that can be used to create engaging instructional videos. This session will show attendees the essentials of OBS for creating educational content.

Mote Voice Notes (1 Hour)⭐️
Mote is a Chrome Extension that makes it easy for anyone to add voice notes and feedback to documents, assignments and emails. Use it for interesting activities, individualized grading, and differentiation!

Instructional Videos & Flipped Learning with Prezi Video (1 Hour)⭐️
Prezi Video is an online video creator that puts you alongside your content. It includes fun and engaging graphics that will keep your students hooked. Come see this session and learn how to make truly effective and engaging instructional videos!

Wakelet (1 Hour)
Wakelet is a website that allows you to create collections of websites, videos, or anything else on the internet! Teachers can use Wakelet to create a page of resources or students can use it to create a portfolio. This session will show teachers the essentials of using Wakelet.

Everything You Need To Know About Loom (1 Hour)⭐️
Loom is a great screen recording app for teachers to easily create their own videos! This Chrome Extension lets you record your computer screen to create instruction videos, feedback videos, class rules, and more!

Everything You Need To Know About Screencastify (1 Hour)
Screencastify is a browser extension that allows you to record a video of yourself and your screen! Teachers can use it to create instructional videos, feedback videos, and more! This session will explore everything teachers need to know about Screencastify.

HyperDocs (1 Hour)⭐️
Check out this session that will show you some great tools and strategies (some pre-made materials too!) that will make students active learners! Hyperdocs put students in charge of their learning in an engaging package!

Edpuzzle Interactive Videos (1 Hour)⭐️
Edpuzzle allows teachers to create meaningful video quizzes with ease! This session will show how to find, create, and manage video quizzes!

Videos in the Classroom (1-2 Hours)⭐️
This session will explore how both teachers and students can use video creation tools in the classroom! Students can create amazing video projects, while teachers can create engaging instructional videos!

Seesaw (1 Hour)⭐️
This Elementary-Friendly web app allows students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. It’s simple to get student work in one place and share with families, and nothing is shared without teacher approval.

Teaching with Document Cameras (1 Hour)⭐️
This session will show teachers some best practices for using Document Cameras in their teaching, including how to use them with video conferencing tools and for flipped instruction.

Creating a Class YouTube Channel (1 Hour)⭐️
Kids spend a ton of time on YouTube already. Why not make a YouTube Channel where you put instructional videos, help videos, unit reviews or more?! This session will show you how to create a YouTube Channel, customize it, and upload and manage videos.

Remind for Class Communication (1 Hour)
Remind is a convenient way for teachers to keep in contact with students and parents. In this session, we will look at the free version of Remind and how teachers can use it to communicate with their students and families.

Thinglink Interactive Images (1 Hour)⭐️
Thinglink allows teachers and students to create interactive images! Find a picture, place points of interest on the picture, and add questions, links, information and more! Great for visual learners!

Book Creator (1 Hour)⭐️
Book Creator allows teachers and students to make their own online e-books! This tool is great for kids of all ages, but especially for elementary! Students can create their own stories, demonstrate what they’ve learned, and it can even be the culmination of a Project Based Learning unit. – Digitize Paper Assessments (1 Hour)⭐️ is a website that allows teachers to create auto-graded digital versions of their paper worksheets. This tool works best for worksheets that have multiple choice, true/false, short answer, fill-in the blank, and matching questions.

Tech for Vocabulary Practice and Assessment (1 Hour)⭐️
Vocabulary is an essential part of many units that a teacher covers. The days of students writing terms and definitions on a piece of paper are behind us! Tech tools can make vocab practice fun – and make it stick!

Lumio: The New SMART Notebook (1 Hour) ⭐️
SMART Notebook was an excellent piece of software for its time, but now SMART has Lumio: an easier to use and web-based interactive whiteboard tool. Lumio allows teachers to upload old SMART Notebook files, Google Drive files, and even search a large pre-made library. This session will explore Lumio’s tools and explain how to bring it into the classroom. Teachers do NOT need to have a SMART brand of interactive touch display in order to use Lumio.

FigJam Interactive Whiteboard (1 Hour)
FigJam is an online whiteboard space for meetings, activities, and brainstorms. Perfect for classroom discussions, critiques, and presentations. This session will show teachers how to get the free educator version, plus some of the whiteboard tools they can integrate it into their teaching

Transformative Technology & Concepts

Classroom Technology Open Help (1-2 Hours)
This is an open forum session with a Technology Integration Specialist to ask any questions! Learn more about technology in your classroom, learn how to do specific tasks in Google apps, Microsoft Office, or on Apple devices. We can also find resources or work on lesson plans. Bring along some old lesson plans and we will enhance them with tech!

Creating a Paperless Classroom (1 Hour)⭐️
Technology variety and availability is getting to the point where standing at the copier is becoming less and less necessary. This session will showcase several tools and strategies to move away from printed worksheets, notes, newsletters and more!

Interactive Teaching (1 Hour)⭐️
The biggest change that technology has brought to education is the fact that teachers can add interactivity to every step of the learning process. This session will showcase many technology tools that make direct instruction, reading, videos, images, and worksheets more interactive.

Project Based Learning Through Video (2 Hours)
With tools like Screencastify, WeVideo, and iMovie, students can create their own video projects about any subject area! This session will explore how teachers can prepare for student-created video projects with some easy-to-use tools on Chromebooks or iPads.

Project Based Learning with Canva (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Canva is a wonderful graphic design tool with a free education version for teachers and students. We can combine Canva’s power with the principles of PBL to create meaningful learning experiences for students.

Student Video Projects with WeVideo (1-2 Hours)⭐️
WeVideo is a great online video editor that students can use to create amazing videos! This session will show teachers the basics of WeVideo and some ideas for student projects.

Getting Started with Flipped Instruction (1-2 Hours)⭐️
This session will look at ways to flip your classroom a little or a lot to make a better learning experience for our students. We will cover the What, Why and How of Flipped Instruction, screencasting software, and online assessments that will be beneficial to you as you take your classroom into the 21st century.

SAMR & TPACK (1 Hour)
The SAMR and TPACK models are educational theoretical frameworks designed to help teachers understand how to leverage classroom technology to improve student learning. This session will explore both models and some examples of lessons and activities that use them.

Digitizing Assessments (1-2 Hours)⭐️
This session will explain how teachers can transform paper-based assessments into digital assessments, many of which can be auto-graded! This session will explore how to convert Google Docs or Word assessments into Google Forms auto-graded quizzes, plus other tools like, Quizizz, and Socrative.

Virtual Field Trips (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Virtual Field Trips can be some of the most engaging class activities! This session will explore how students can create and share their own Virtual Field Trips using Google Earth, plus several organizations that provide experts to speak to the class through a live video chat.

Exit Tickets with Tech (1 Hour)⭐️
Exit tickets are a great way to close out a lesson, check for understanding, and they let the teacher know if students have an understanding of the material. This session will look at ways in which technology can help teachers make, distribute, and analyze exit tickets.

3 Easy Ways to Podcast in the Classroom (1 Hour)⭐️
Podcasting is a growing medium to consume information. Why not have students make their own podcast where they talk about what they are learning?! In this session we will explore how Mote, Flipgrid, and Padlet can be used to make podcasts!

Choice Boards (1 Hour)⭐️
Choice boards let the students take charge of their learning. Incorporating student choice boards ups student engagement, dedication, and comprehension of key concepts. This session will look at several Choice Board templates and ideas to take to your class!

Creating Class Certificates (1 Hour)⭐️
This session will explain how teachers can create custom classroom certificates for their students. Certificates can be created for perfect homework, good grades, attendance, improvement, or whatever else you like! Teachers will even be able to email the certificates to parents automatically!

Tech for Instant Feedback (1 Hour)⭐️
Reteaching is often done when the original lesson is over. If teachers can deliver instant feedback, they can reteach material to the whole class or individual students in the moment. In this session, we will discuss two “Edu Protocols” – The Fast and The Curious and Thin Slides, along with technology tools that will help teachers check for understanding and instantly reteach if necessary.

Station Rotations with Tech (1 Hour)⭐️
This session will explore several technology tools and techniques teachers can use to improve station rotation activities in the classroom!

Auto-Grading Tech Tools (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Join us for this session to explore some technology tools that will help teachers lighten their grading pile! We will look at tools that help to automate the grading process – including paper and digital work!

Eduprotocols (1-2 Hours)⭐️
Educational Protocols give teachers templates for teaching anything! Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo created these “protocols” where students can be taught virtually any topic with the same engaging templates. Join this session to learn more!

Tech Tools for Formal Assessments (1-2 Hours)⭐️
End-of-Unit, summative assessments are a necessity for many teachers. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right tool for the job. In this session, we’ll explore some tech tools to help write, differentiate, distribute, collect, and grade those tests!

8 Ways to Get Started with Project Based Learning (2-3 Hours)⭐️
PBL allows students to take charge of their learning in a way that has them solve real problems by offering in-depth, relevant, and creative solutions. This session will discuss how to set up PBL activities, give students the tools they need, and create a product that helps solve a real problem or answer an important question.

21st Century Graphic Organizers (1 Hour)⭐️
Graphic organizers are a crucial part of the teaching process. With a few modern tech tools, we can update our graphic organizers so they are easier to create, explain, and use in class!

Digital Citizenship & How to Teach it (1-2 Hours) says “All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life.” Every teacher should know what it means to be a good digital citizen so they can model and teach their students proper behavior online. This session will explore several crucial digital citizenship skills and an array of free resources that teachers can use to ensure their students stay safe online.

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