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Category: Monthly Updates – Fiscal Services

April 2024 Monthly Update

eFP Changes to Automated Payroll Interface In the April release, PowerSchool introduced a change in functionality to the Automated Payroll Interface that we thought you should know about, as it could potentially impact how you handle the Automated Payroll Interface. Please take a moment to review the release below: EFIN-114174 Automated Payroll Interface restricts editing

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March 2024 Monthly Update

eFinancePlus:  23.10 PowerSchool ERP Upgrade Features/Enhancements Upgrade Schedule 4/10/2024 Euclid City SD (043950) 4/10/2024 Summit Academy Management (014992) 4/22/2024 Stow-Munroe Falls City SD (044834) 4/29/2024 Medina City SD (044388) 5/6/2024 Lake Center Christian School (064915) 5/6/2024 Mentor Exempted Village SD (045492) 5/6/2024 Metro Regional Service Council – NEOnet (011922) 5/6/2024 Shaker Heights City SD (044750)

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February 2024 Monthly Update

eFinancePlus:  Adding Favorites to Your Dashboard To get started, follow these simple steps: Step One: Creating a Panel Navigate to your dashboard and click on “Add a New Panel.” When the “Add Panel to Dashboard” screen appears, select “Create New Favorite Group” from the drop-down menu. Step Two: Naming Your Favorite Group Choose a name

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January 2024 Monthly Update

Payroll Important Dates: Don’t forget! The deadline to File 23Q4 941 Form is January 31, 2024 The deadline to complete the 4th Quarter/Annual Reconciliation for Ohio Withholding on Ohio Business Gateway is January 31, 2024. The deadline to complete an Annual Reconciliation for Ohio School District Income Tax on Ohio Business Gateway is January 31,

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December 2023 Monthly Update

State Software Deleting Requisitions If you find yourself reviewing data for clean-up, one place you may look is to the Requisitions grid. This grid can be filtered down to show any requisitions that have not been converted to purchase orders. This can be a handy filter to use when converting, but if it’s cluttered up

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November 2023 Monthly Update

W2/1099 Printing Scheduled This year with multiple locations we are handing the printing of 1099s and W2s a little differently. We will begin printing once the 1st district closes payroll or accounting. District that utilize either NEOnet Heartland or LGCA as their “home” location we begin delivering the printed W2/1099 on January 12th and every

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October 2023 Monthly Update

EMIS Reporting Configuration for Y24 Go to System > Configuration > EMIS Reporting Configuration Enter the Current EMIS Fiscal Year.  This will need to be updated every Fiscal Year when the new FYXX Initial Staff/Course (L) window is opened.  If you do not have access to this configuration, please enter a helpdesk ticket asking us to

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September 2023 Monthly Update

Important Update on Post-Tax SERS Contributions If your district has post-tax deductions, we strongly advise generating your check history report and cross-referencing it with the post-tax SERS Contribution amounts under the eSERS Contribution report.  The contribution amount under the eSERS Contribution report should match with those in the Check History report, however if you find

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August 2023 Monthly Update

eFP Pre-Calculation Reports Output to Excel With the 22.4.23 release in July, you can now export Payroll Pre-calculation Reports directly to an Excel format. This enhancement aims to provide you with greater flexibility and convenience when processing payroll. The following reports are included in the Excel File: The Pay Details report is new and is

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July 2023 Monthly Update

EMIS Period H Deadline Approaching – August 30, 2023 Reminder: Check our Safe Accounts to see if you have any issues with MOE eFP Period H District Steps Let’s review the tasks that need to be completed before the deadline. STRS Advance Report The Check STRS Advance Report (a report of the amounts sent to

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