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Meeting Dates & Agendas

Active members can access meeting minutes in the portal.

Upon request to the Executive Director, the Council shall make reasonable accommodation for a disabled person to be able to participate in this activity.

Please contact Matthew Gdovin for more information.

Archived Meeting Agendas

Board Members 2024 - 2025

  • Brian Poe, Copley-Fairlawn City Schools

  • Andrew Hill, Wadsworth City Schools

  • John Knapp, Mogadore Local Schools
    At-Large Superintendent

  • Kathryn Powers, Twinsburg City Schools
    At-Large Superintendent

  • Jeff Ritz, Willard City Schools
    At-Large Superintendent

  • Stephanie Hagenbush, Norton City Schools
    Treasurers Committee Co-Chairperson

  • Jennifer Knapp, Buckeye Local Schools
    Treasurers Committee Co-Chairperson

  • Mark Pepera, Brunswick City Schools
    Treasurers Committee Co-Chairperson

  • Marc Clendaniel, Green Local Schools
    Technology Committee Chairperson

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