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826 Digital has a massive library of prompts, lessons, projects, and other resources for developing better writers. The Resource Library can be filtered by grade level, genre, literary device, and skill. Each resource comes with a step-by-step guide for the teacher and thoughtful slideshows, handouts, and other materials for students
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The Adobe Education Exchange is an online platform designed to support educators and students in enhancing their digital skills and creativity. It provides a community-driven environment where educators can access free resources, courses, and lesson plans related to Adobe software and tools. Through the exchange, educators can collaborate, learn, and share their knowledge to integrate digital creativity into their teaching practices.
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aiEDU is a website designed to help teachers introduce the concepts and importance of Artificial Intelligence to students grades 7-12. There are three main sections: The Project Dashboard, AI Snapshots, and Intro to AI. The Project Dashboard is a small searchable library with a mix of independent and teacher-led projects. AI Snapshots are short classroom warmups meant to spark debate and curiosity about AI. Intro to AI is an entire 10-week PBL course that introduces students to AI, complete with lesson plans, handouts, and more.
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The American Museum of Natural History has a library with nearly 500 educational resources for teaching and learning about science. The library lets you filter by grade level, topics like Careers in Science, Life Science, and Space Science, and you can filter by resource type like lesson plans, games and videos.
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Annenberg Classroom's free resources include over 65 videos on constitutional concepts and Supreme Court cases as well as games, lesson plans, timelines, downloadable books, a glossary, and a Constitution guide.
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ASSISTments is a platform that provides students with immediate feedback on their math practice, as well as data that teachers can use to adjust their teaching. The platform pulls questions from a variety of sources, including popular math textbooks and released state tests. This allows students to practice with a wide range of questions, while also receiving feedback to keep them motivated and engaged.
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Our friends across the pond at the BBC have a great website with hundreds of educational videos and activities! Browse through dozens of categories to find engaging videos, many of which come with teacher guides and accompanying worksheets.
See More is a website dedicated to simplifying complex mathematical concepts and making them easier to understand. It offers intuitive explanations, visual aids, and real-life examples to help learners grasp challenging mathematical ideas more effectively. The website covers a wide range of topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, making it a valuable resource for students, educators, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics.
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This website has thousands of pre-made lesson plans with a search function including a filter by grade level, subject, and focus areas like SEL, PBL, and ESL. Each lesson plan comes with meticulous detail, including objectives, reasoning, and other tips for the teacher. It also has some terrific articles and PD about different instructional strategies and best practices for teachers
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