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Open Educational Resources

Free Classroom-Ready Lesson Plans, Activities, and More!

826 Digital has a massive library of prompts, lessons, projects, and other resources for developing better writers. The Resource Library can be filtered by grade level, genre, literary device, and skill. Each resource comes with a step-by-step guide for the teacher and thoughtful slideshows, handouts, and other materials for students

Our friends across the pond at the BBC have a great website with hundreds of educational videos and activities! Browse through dozens of categories to find engaging videos, many of which come with teacher guides and accompanying worksheets.

This website has thousands of pre-made lesson plans with a search function including a filter by grade level, subject, and focus areas like SEL, PBL, and ESL. Each lesson plan comes with meticulous detail, including objectives, reasoning, and other tips for the teacher. It also has some terrific articles and PD about different instructional strategies and best practices for teachers

The California Academy of Sciences operates an excellent resource website for Science Teachers. Search or filter through hundreds of detailed lesson plans and other activities that thoughtfully bring science to life.

CK-12 is a massive website that includes a searchable library of K-Adult resources for Social Studies, English, and adult studies, but with a particular emphasis on Math and Science. A big part of CK-12 are their "FlexBooks" which are customizable text books, many of which include interactive content. It also has adaptive practice questions for Math and Science, Simulations, and pre-made Study Guides for High School level Math and Science. features a full K-12 Computer Science curriculum. The curriculum ranges from the principles of coding all the way up to software engineering. Each lesson is fully detailed and includes a teacher guide. Each activity can be shared directly to students through a link or Google Classroom.

Common Lit features a library of over 2,000 high-quality free reading passages for grades 3-12, complemented by pre-made aligned interim assessments. Search for materials by grade level, Lexile range, and even literary devices like alliteration, characterization, hyperbole, and more!

While the majority of Desmos Classroom's resources are behind a paywall, there is still a strong number of free lessons and activities. These resources all use Desmos' powerful math tools like their calculators and interactive graphs. Browse through Math 6-8 and Algebra 1 for interactive math practice!

Edmentum has a variety of products and services for schools, including an assortment of Open Educational Resources. The Edmentum website includes free worksheet bundles for K-12 Math, Science, and ELA, plus fully detailed lesson plans, and several printable activities.

Edpuzzle is a video-quiz platform that allows teachers to find (or create!) video quizzes. Students watch a video, and Edpuzzle will pause the video to display a question, then the student continues watching. If you are familiar with PlayPosit, it is the exact same concept

Empatico is a free tool that connects classrooms around the world. It combines live video chats with activities designed to foster meaningful connections among students. Empatico provides virtual exchange activity plans that are designed to spark empathy, curiosity, and creativity through joyful student interactions, as well as supporting resources for educators to create meaningful experiences.

Epic! Books is a free digital library perfect for elementary through middle school classrooms. Teachers and students can find thousands of ebooks, comics, videos, and more. Plus teachers can assign specific books to students through Google Classroom and require them to do a short pre-made quiz.

Everfi is a free educational platform that comes with fully prepared learning modules on subjects such as Social-Emotional Learning, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, STEM, and more! Each module comes with age and grade level recommendations, videos or readings, and accessibility functions like closed captions and an option to hear the page read aloud. They also feature lesson plans and other resources for both teachers and students, as well as estimated timeframes for completion. Most modules take about 1 hour to complete.

The FDIC has some great Financial Literacy resources for teachers and students. They have a catalog of K-12 resources called Money Smart that includes educator guides, lesson plans, student handouts, and more! You can also explore their Money Smart Games at

The Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of the United States. Did you know they have a huge library of learning resources? From their website, you can search by grade level, topic, standards, and more to find meticulously detailed lesson plans, videos, activities, and more! It's not all Financial Literacy either, they also have resources for History, Government, Economics, and Career Exploration.

Flip (formerly called Flipgrid) is a platform where teachers provide students with a prompt, then students respond with a video they create - right on the Flip website! Students can create a video with their webcam, record their screen, or even upload a video they created elsewhere. Teachers can search the massive "Discovery" library of 46,000+ topics created by other teachers and several partner organizations.

Formative (formerly called GO Formative) features thousands of teacher-created formative and summative assessments. On this platform, teachers can search for assessments by grade level, subject, and standard. Most Formatives even auto-grade! Teachers can also take advantage of the user-friendly assessment creator and publish their own activities for other teachers to use. Students can get to their assignments in Google Classroom and complete their work on the Formative website.

GeoGebra has over 1 MILLION free activities, simulations, exercises, lessons, and games for math & science! Each is designed to be an interactive demonstration of a mathematic or scientific principle. Teachers can browse through the resources and share them with students via a link or a join code.

Global Problem Solvers in an animated web series that stars a group of teenagers who work together to solve a real global issue. Season one focuses on how to provide clean drinking water to people in Malawi, and season two focuses on how to help students whose school shut down as a result of a hurricane on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Each episode comes with activities and tips for the teacher for integrating a problem-solving mindset into the classroom.

Google Applied Digital Skills is Google's platform for teaching students practical computer and technology skills. The curriculum uses a series of videos to guide learners through creating a project from scratch. This means that learners who complete a lesson leave with a useful project, such as a resume, a college planning sheet, or an interactive story.

Google Arts & Culture is an enormous website with thousands of images, videos, virtual field trips, games, and other educational resources. They also have a dedicated section for teachers to explore lesson plans and other activities that can be immediately integrated into their class.

Google Earth has a lot of cool features, but one particularly useful for teachers is "Voyager." Look for the pirate ship wheel in the menu, then explore premade virtual field trips such as a tour of the Underground Railroad or Geometry found around the world. Another great feature is called "Projects" that allows students to create and share their own virtual field trips in Google Earth.

"howtosmile spotlights hands-on and interactive activities, both physical and virtual, that involve doing and learning. Activities take many forms, from downloadable lesson plans to how-to videos to online interactive games. howtosmile activities teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and are developed by a wide range of organizations working with diverse audiences"

Hyperdocs are Google Slides or Docs that house full, interactive, student-centered lessons. They are often created and shared by teachers on social media - a quick search on Pinterest, Twitter or Teachers Pay Teachers can yield some great free resources. Click below to view a Link Tree to several places to find ready-to-go Hyperdocs!

Educator Tools is INFOhio's OER repository. Find thousands of lessons, activities, assessments, e-books, videos, and more. Search and filter to find what you need, and post resources directly to your students' Google Classroom. INFOhio is a free resource available to all schools in Ohio.

The Internet Second Language Collective is an international community of more than a million ESL/EFL language teachers sharing self-made language teaching materials. Enjoy free teaching resources whether you're teaching English as a second language (TESL) or foreign language (TEFL) in a school or via one-on-one tutoring. All resources are formatted in Microsoft Word or PowerPoints.

"Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. They tackle math, science, computing, history, art history, economics, and more, including K-14 and test preparation (SAT, Praxis, LSAT) content. They focus on skill mastery to help learners establish strong foundations, so there's no limit to what they can learn next!"

"Learning for Justice seeks to uphold the mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center: to be a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond. Their free educational resources—articles, guides, lessons, films, webinars, frameworks and more—help foster shared learning and reflection for educators, young people, caregivers and all community members"

Lumio is the new name for SMART Notebook. This platform allows teachers to find, upload, or create interactive lessons that can be displayed on an Interactive Touch Screen or on students' devices. The Lumio Library includes thousands of premade activities that can be edited to fit a teacher's exact needs. In the free version of Lumio, teachers are limited to 50MB of storage, but get unlimited student access and a variety of instructional tools. You need to log in to Lumio in order to view the Library

MERLOT is a repository for Educational resources with over 100,000 assignments, case studies, online courses, presentations, tests, and more! A quick search may uncover great resources to aid in your teaching.

National Geographic has a long history of providing teachers with excellent learning resources. Today, teachers can explore their resource library, their library of interactive maps, and teachers can even make their own interactive maps! The resource library has thousands of lessons, activities, articles, and more - all of which can be shared directly to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.

Nearpod is a web platform that allows educators to teach students in several ways - including interactive slideshows, interactive videos, and other activities. Teachers can take exiting PowerPoints or Google Slides and make them interactive, or explore Nearpod's massive library or quality, pre-made lessons and activities. Teachers can have students join a live Nearpod session or have students complete activities at their own pace.

The Next Gen Personal Finance curriculum covers 12 units, including Investing, Taxes, Saving, Behavioral Economics, and Paying for College. It includes 9 week, semester, and full year courses for both high school and middle school students. NGPF resources use hands-on, real-world applications that build student financial capability. Each fully detailed lesson is housed in a Google Doc and is accompanied by a pre-made interactive Nearpod lesson

From their Teacher Handbook: "NextGen Science Storylines are instructional units developed by the NextGen Science Storylines Project at Northwestern University. These units reflect the storyline approach from Reiser, Novak, and McGill (2017), in which the questions and problems students identify drive the sensemaking of the unit. The NextGen Science Storyline units are open-educational resources and may be freely downloaded and adapted for local contexts."

OER Commons is part of the ISKME organization and is a repository of learning materials. It also has collections from other organizations and themes like STEM, Cyber Citizenship, and CTE. Filter by subject, grade level, resource type, and more. Resources can be saved to your profile in folders and shared directly to Google Classroom.

The OER Project is a free resource website for History teachers. It includes complete History courses that feature a Teacher Guide for getting started, detailed lessons, activities, videos, and practice questions. Teachers can use any individual resources they want, they do not have to use the entire course

INFOhio's Open Space is their OER network for educators to find and share open educational resources. One of the most helpful features of Open Space is the Collections page that has several curated collections of OER categorized by organizations like iCivics, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, or by subjects like Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Does your school have Ozobots, but you aren't sure how to integrate them into different subject areas? Ozobot Classroom has hundreds of free, fully detailed lesson plans that have students use Ozobots for engaging learning experiences. Use the link below to sign up for a free Ozobot Classroom account and start exploring!

PBS Learning Media has thousands of standards aligned videos, interactives, lessons and more. Any materials can be posted directly to Google Classroom. Interactive lessons are learning modules that feature readings, videos, formative questions, and other interactive elements. Teachers can even create lessons by combining materials and posting the link for students in Google Classroom

The Pear Deck Content Orchard is a growing searchable library of hundreds of Pear Deck lessons. Many of which feature content from partner organizations like Newsela, Everfi, Canva, PBS Newshour, and more! Simply find one you like and use it in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Pennsbury Schools in Pennsylvania put together an excellent website with over 3,000 OER resources! You can search and filter by grade level, subject area, and even the type of tool used - i.e. Google Docs, Jamboard, Canva, Pear Deck, etc.!

PhET is a website with engaging, interactive math and science simulations. The simulations are written in HTML5, and can be run online or downloaded to your computer. There are over 150 simulations focusing on Physics, Biology, Math, and more. Search by subject, grade level, or accessibility options. The website also includes several teacher guides that provide helpful tips for teaching with PhET

PlayPosit is a video-quiz platform that allows teachers to find (or create!) video quizzes. Students watch a video, and PlayPosit will pause the video to display a question, then the student continues watching. If you are familiar with Edpuzzle, it is the exact same concept

Quizizz is a multipurpose platform where students can practice with terms and concepts, take formative assessments, or do end of unit summative tests. The massive library in Quizizz features thousands of pre-made quizzes, all of which can be edited to meet the teacher's specific needs. Then, the teacher can lead a live quiz game with students, assign a quiz game as homework, or have students take the quiz as a formal test.

Quizlet is a terrific platform for students to study and practice with the materials they are learning about. In the free version of Quizlet, the Study Sets are the most useful feature. They are simply online flashcards, but teachers can take advantage of sets that have already been made by others! Once the teacher finds or creates a Study Set, they can host a live in-class study game, or students can study by themselves with several practice games.

Race to Ratify is a game created by iCivics, it puts students into the year 1787 and has them explore core concepts and meet important people that surrounded the Constitutional Ratification debate. It is playable in the web browser or Apple and Android devices. The game is also offered with optional activities and detailed lesson plans.

"Since 2002, has provided literacy educators with access to an ever-growing collection of free educational materials. This includes hundreds of lesson plans, calendar resources, prints, and interactive tools. The site has consistently been one of the most information-rich literacy resources on the internet. Every lesson plan on ReadWriteThink has always been aligned to the IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts"

Seesaw is a platform designed for all students, but has a focus on K-5 classrooms. Teachers can search the thousands of pre-made activities in the Activity Library, and edit them to fit their exact needs. Though there are pre-made activities for all grade levels, there are considerably more for K-5. When students log into Seesaw, they will see their activities that are due, plus a journal of their past activities. Students are able to respond with drawings, text, images, videos, and audio.

Created and maintained by the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson is an OER repository of thousands of activities and lessons, plus collections based on themes such as Black History Month and STEM. All the resources are formatted in PDF or Microsoft Office and are free to all, even if you are not an AFT member.

"The Smithsonian Learning Lab puts the treasures of the world's largest museum, education, and research complex within reach. The Lab is a free, interactive platform for discovering millions of authentic digital resources, creating content with online tools, and sharing in the Smithsonian's expansive community of knowledge and learning."

Sphero's website has hundreds of free, fully detailed lesson plans that have students use Spheros for engaging learning experiences. Each activity comes with detailed instructions for the teacher and many come with handouts for students.

TeacherTube is a great alternative to YouTube for the Classroom. Find thousands of teacher-made videos on any subject area. With an account, you can share videos directly to your Google Classroom

TED Ed expands the traditional TED Talks into lessons and discussion starters for students. Search this website to find high-quality videos and animations to introduce a new topic or prompt meaningful class discussions. Each TED Ed video comes with questions and discussion prompts to get students thinking and talking about interesting, relevant topics.

Search hundreds of thousands of lesson plans, activities, and more, all created by other educators. Just like Teachers Pay Teachers, some resources are free and some are paid, but you can filter results by price.

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