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Learn about the newest addition to the INFOhio collection of instructional tools, GenYES Ohio, a program that prepares Ohio students to become student technology leaders through a rigorous, technology-infused leadership curriculum. 

GenYES Ohio supports schools and districts facing technology needs with minimal resources by empowering students to provide meaningful support to teachers, their peers, and others. Combining substantive learning opportunities with meaningful service, GenYES Ohio connects educational technology and community building showing that student-driven projects can permanently transform schools. This program features tangible benefits for K-12 buildings and districts creating positive student partnerships and outcomes. Teachers love GenYES because it is flexible and adaptive. Students get a hands-on introduction to critical technology skills and learn how to mentor, collaborate, and work with others, allowing the opportunity for every student to be a leader. The GenYES Ohio program can introduce students to computer science, coding, and STEM careers, as well as careers in teaching and education. The program is flexible and designed to support school technology integration goals while building the next generation of technology leaders. 
GenYES Ohio can offer significant opportunities by engaging students in a project-based, tech-centered curriculum offering unique ways to put learning into action. The program provides students with opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve, and use technology with purpose and power, giving them true motivation to learn and grow. It can be implemented as a regular class or extracurricular club, and each school has a GenYES Facilitator who receives integration support, access to the GenYES Ohio Community Open Space group, and specialized facilitator training. 

The GenYES Ohio program will also be part of the upcoming Create Lead Empower-Ohio (CLEO) toolkit. The CLEO toolkit will include resources that support communication, digital literacy, digital citizenship, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, collaboration, self-directed learning, technology troubleshooting, career exploration, and visual literacy. More information on the CLEO toolkit will be coming soon.  
For more information on GenYES Ohio please visit www.genyes.org and fill out this GenYES Ohio Interest Form.  If you have questions or are interested in this program, reach out to support.infohio.org

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