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Security Services Bundle

NEOnet is your secure technology solution center. We know the demanding needs of today’s networks, which is why we offer such a comprehensive list of services in one easy-to-afford security bundle available to all our customers. The NEOnet security bundle is a compilation of industry leading products to offer solutions to all our customers’ needs. NEOnet delivers the support you deserve.

Service Features

SPAM Filtering
NEOnet offers three layers of SPAM filtering with the different products to ensure mail is delivered not only SPAM-free, but virus-free as well. The following services are highly available at both theNEOnet primary and disaster recovery sites:

  • Level 1 – IronPort SPAM filtering is based on reputation and cuts out a large percentage of SPAM
  • Level 2 – Barracuda SPAM Filtering and AV Scanning is based on message content and has user-based management for whitelisting and releasing blocked content
  • Level 3 – Trustwave SEG filtering is based on message content and allows for custom rule creation

CIPA Compliant Content Filtering
NEOnet utilizes Lightspeed for CIPA compliant content filtering. The Lightspeed solution is completely customizable, integrates with multiple LDAP sources and provides IP or user-based policies with detailed reporting. The highlights of this service are:

  • LDAP integration with multiple LDAP sources
  • Distributed administration to the school
  • User-based policies and reporting
  • IP-based policies and reporting
  • Fully customizable to meet any need
  • Highly available at both the NEOnet primary and disaster recover sites

Firewall Services
As part of the security bundle, NEOnet offers hosted managed firewall services to our customers. This service includes any static translations, custom rules and global address translations. With redundant firewalls at both the primary and disaster recovery locations, the service is highly available and managed by a team of experts with years of experience in firewall administration

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