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Category: DataMap Roundtable

2020-09 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included **New MAP Instructions September 2020 DataMap Presentation September 2020 DataMap Roundtable Meeting Notes September 2020 DataMap Roundtable Recording  

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2020-04 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included 2020-04 DataMap Roundtable Meeting Notes 2020-04_DataMap Roundtable Presentation 2020-04_DataMap Roundtable Recording  

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2019-09 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included EVAAS – How to Create EVAAS file for DataMap Import September DataMap Agenda September Defect/Enhancement List September Meeting Notes September Presentation  

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2019-04 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included 2019-04-18_DataMap Roundtable Minutes Agenda – April DataMap Roundtable Defects – April DataMap Roundtable Enhancement Survey – April DataMap Roundtable How to Match Students in DataMap Presentation – April

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2018-12 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included DataMap – How to Create DIBELS Support for DIBELS Next DataMap December Defect/Enhancement List December DataMap Roundtable Agenda with Meeting Notes December DataMap Roundtable Presentation How to Create

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2018-10 DataMap Roundtable

Documents Included 2018-10-04_DataMap Roundtable Agenda 2018-10_DataMap Defects 2018-10_DataMap Roundtable Presentation How to Identify a Course or Course Section as SpecialEd How to Update RIMP Memberships from DataMap to StudentInformation How

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