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Support You Deserve.

NEOnet (Northeast Ohio Network for Educational Technology) is an Information Technology Center (ITC) proudly serving school districts throughout Northeast Ohio to improve student education through the use of technology. Established in 1995, we are one of 18 designated ITCs in the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) providing technology services and support to school districts.


We are proud to say we serve over 156 educational entities, including 37 school districts, two county offices, four Career Centers, 14 private schools, 96 community schools and three cities. We offer a wide variety of programs and services that will allow your staff to meet their technology and professional development needs. If there is a program or service that we do not offer, we will work to find a solution to support you. Our knowledgeable team of staff members is equipped to answer all of your technology questions and service needs in a timely manner to allow you to focus on your job. We are committed to assisting our customers to ensure they can deliver the educational experience their students deserve.


We are excited to announce our recently-expanded facility offers a number of rooms for customers to use to host or attend meetings or receive professional development and training. Our doors are always open, so please feel free to stop by.

What We Provide.

We work to provide our customers with a variety of program and service offerings. Please click the icons below to explore our offerings and see how we can help you. If there is an offering you are in need of and do not see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to or team. View this video for additional information.

Who We Serve.

Our consortium of members allows us to offer the most cost-effective programs and services. All of our offerings allow our customers to deliver the support their students deserve. Click here to view a table showing the services our customers are currently utilizing.