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Tag: Digital Citizenship

Civic Online Reasoning

Students are confused about how to evaluate online information. We all are. The Civic Online Reasoning (COR) curriculum from Stanford provides free lessons and assessments that help you teach students to evaluate online information that affects them, their communities, and the world.

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Copyright & Creativity

The Copyright & Creativity website houses lesson plans and activities that teaches students about what copyright allows and how students can successfully navigate and rely on copyright in their own roles as creators. The resources are organized into three sections for elementary, middle, and high school – each with fully prepared lessons and activities.

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The Achievery

The Achievery is a a free online learning platform created by AT&T to provide K-12 students with engaging and entertaining content paired with learning activities. The searchable library makes it simple to find a variety of lessons. Most of the content consists of a video and a printable worksheet.

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Global Problem Solvers

Global Problem Solvers in an animated web series that stars a group of teenagers who work together to solve a real global issue. Season one focuses on how to provide clean drinking water to people in Malawi, and season two focuses on how to help students whose school shut down as a result of a hurricane on the Gulf Coast of the United States. Each episode comes with activities and tips for the teacher for integrating a problem-solving mindset into the classroom.

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