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21st Century Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are a crucial part of the teaching process. With a few modern tech tools, we can update our graphic organizers so they are easier to create, explain, and use in class!


30 Ways to Use Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the most flexible and useful tools out there! Come see this session to explore 30 different and engaging ways to use Google Slides for teaching and learning!


8 Ways to Start with Project Based Learning

PBL allows students to take charge of their learning in a way that has them solve real problems by offering in-depth, relevant, and creative solutions. This session will discuss how to set up PBL activities, give students the tools they need, and create a product that helps solve a real problem or answer an important question.


Accessibility Tools for Chromebooks

This session will explore several tools and resources that teachers and students can use to improve accessibility on Chromebooks. We will look at several built-in Chromebook features and several Chrome extensions that help ESL students, students with dyslexia, and other special needs.


Advanced Google Tools for Education: Part 1

Want to step up your Google game? Check out this training session where we take a deep dive into using Google Keep, Drawings, Forms, and Sheets for teaching and learning! (Part 2 not required!)


Advanced Google Tools for Education: Part 2

Want to step up your Google game? Check out this training session where we take a deep dive into using Google Sites, Meet, Groups/Contacts, and Maps/Earth (Part 1 not required!)


An Introduction to Google Applied Digital Skills

Google has created a robust FREE digital skills curriculum called Google Applied Digital Skills. It includes in-depth and completely prepared lessons and activities that teach students everything from coding to financial skills to Language Arts to study skills. This session will explain how the program works, how teachers can use it in class, and how to assign work to students.


App SMASH! Screencastify & Google Classroom

This session will demonstrate several teaching and activity strategies that would otherwise be impossible without Google Classroom and Screencastify! We will look at creating "Flipped" activities, personalized learning opportunities, and ways to showcase student creativity.


Best Practices for Teaching with Document Cameras

Document Cameras can be an invaluable tool to help demonstrate important content for EVERYONE to see! This session won’t focus on a specific device, but we will explain how to make the most of Document Cameras in your teaching!


Canva for Teachers & Students

Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool with thousands of templates! Students can use Canva to make posters, videos, infographics, art, and more! This session will cover the essentials that teachers need to know!


Creating a Class YouTube Channel

This session will show you how to create a YouTube Channel, customize it, and upload and manage videos.


Creating a Paperless Classroom

Technology variety and availability is getting to the point where standing at the copier is becoming less and less necessary. This session will showcase several tools and strategies to move away from printed worksheets, notes, newsletters and more!


Creating Interactive Slideshows with Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a tool that allows teachers to actively engage students during slideshows. Students can respond directly to teachers' questions with text, drawings, or movable pieces - all in the slideshow! This training will look at the free version of Pear Deck


Creating Student Choice Boards

Choice boards let the students take charge of their learning. Incorporating student choice boards ups student engagement, dedication, and comprehension of key concepts. This session will look at several Choice Board templates and ideas to take to your class!


Creating Video Quizzes in Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle allows teachers to create meaningful video quizzes with ease! This session will show how to find, create, and manage video quizzes!


Digitizing Assessments

This session will explore several tech tools that allow teachers to create completely digital formative and summative assessments. Save time distributing, grading, and returning assessments!


Digitizing Your Assessments

This session will explain how teachers can transform paper-based assessments into digital assessments, many of which can be auto-graded! This session will explore how to convert Google Docs or Word assessments into Google Forms auto-graded quizzes, plus other tools like TeacherMade.com, Quizizz, and Socrative.


Edu Protocols in the Classroom

Educational Protocols give teachers templates for teaching anything! Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo created these “protocols” where students can be taught virtually any topic with the same engaging templates. This session explains what they are and how to use them!

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