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NEOnet Offers Unique Solutions for District EMIS Coordinators

One of the main issues that school districts face is keeping up with the changing requirements for EMIS coordinators. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is constantly updating their requirements that coordinators use to process data reported through EMIS.

EMIS coordinators are central to understanding the requirements of new legislature, reports, software changes and more. Because it is imperative EMIS coordinators stay up to date, districts need to find a solution to ensure accuracy in reporting funding and other data.

NEOnet is proud to offer districts two unique solutions for EMIS coordinators that will assist them in professional development and data collection in a manner aligned with state requirements.

Our Solutions:

  • Solution #1: EMIS Connections – The NEOnet EMIS services team presents the EMIS Connections workshop page. This is a one-stop shop to keep EMIS coordinators connected to all of the possible professional development opportunities presented by NEOnet, ODE, the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN), Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals (OAEP) and more!

The workshops provide numerous opportunities ranging from sessions geared toward new EMIS coordinators to monthly workshops to keep everyone knowledgeable and up to date. As part of NEOnet’s EMIS service offering, NEOnet offers free sessions to help keep members updated and connected to EMIS requirements to
guarantee school districts’ data accuracy and funding. Click here to visit the EMIS Connections workshop page.

  • Solution #2: Shared Service – NEOnet also delivers a shared service solution, where in-house EMIS coordinators can report school districts’ required data. NEOnet will coordinate EMIS reporting, conduct training and provide support for key district personnel who need to get the data reported, compile and submit EMIS data to ODE, analyze reports, troubleshoot errors, review ODE reports and, lastly, be a resource for superintendents.

The NEOnet team uses a “EMIS Wheel” model to ensure that every ‘spoke’ of the district’s EMIS reporting is maintained and communicated to those involved. NEOnet’s shared EMIS coordinators attend many professional development opportunities, saving districts money on travel. The coordinators can also attend information
technology center’s EMIS coordinators’ bi-weekly calls from ODE to hear updates firsthand.

By implementing one of NEOnet’s solutions, districts will be able to go above and beyond the state’s necessary requirements. In addition, NEOnet’s knowledgeable team of EMIS experts are equipped to provide the support you deserve so you don’t have to fear losing your district’s EMIS coordinator.

If you are interested in any EMIS services, please contact Matthew Gdovin by phone at 330.926.3900, ext. 601100 or by email at

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