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May, 2023 NEOnet Student Services Update

To sign up trainings click here: Please remember you have to sign into the website in order to click RSVP.  All trainings will be held in NEOnet lab unless otherwise noted
6/6/23 EMIS Alliance Where Kids Count 9:00 AM Hybrid
6/7/23- Student Services Open Lab 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM
6/8/23- DASL EMIS Exceptions 9:00 AM
6/14/23- EMIS Alliance Working Assessment Missing Lists 1:00 PM
6/14/23- Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
6/28/23- Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM

DASL Update
As we approach the end of the year and student’s test scores begin to return from assessment vendors, here are some tips to make uploading go smoother:

  • SIS-Assessment-Assessment Import is the screen you use to upload files received from vendors into DASL/StudentInformation
  • The FY23 Period A Assessment Checklist document found under ? Icon is a great resource! On page 2 it provides you what file layout is required from the vendor (example: .csv, .txt, etc.) It also provides how to enter Score Not Reported Reasons, and more!
  • Remember that after you upload a file from a vendor you will want to review the View Import Management screen (SIS > Assessment > Assessment Import Management). Pay close attention to the Unmatched Records tab as some records might not get matched to a student in SI. You can use the magnifying glass to attempt to match the student using different spelling, SSID, etc. Students on the Unmatched tab that do not get matched will not get their scores uploaded and reported to ODE.
  • Currently, the ACT and the OELPS import requires adjustment to the headers before importing. See our Know How tips on our website!
  • Be cautious when importing the ACT and the SAT results. The process does not overwrite records already loaded and they can create a duplicate record with the day after the original record as the date.

DataMap Update

A few friendly reminders as we end the school year.

Assessment Reminders

    • As the AASCD data becomes available
    • First load in StudentInformation.
    • Then load in DataMap
    • You can reload this data in DataMap as often as you wish, it will not duplicate
    • OST
      • Spring Results become available:
        • Math, Science and Social Studies – May 16th
        • Online ELA – May 22nd
        • Grade 3 ELA – June 15th
      • Again, data must be loaded first in StudentInformation, then load in DataMap
    • OCTCA/WebXam
      • Data will be loaded in StudentInformation as of May 15th
      • Please remember to load in DataMap
      • STAR, MAP, ACT etc..
        • Continue to load as you have this school year.
      • OELPS, OELPA, AP
        • As the data becomes available, load in StudentInformation
        • Then load in DataMap
      • Report Card Marks
        • District that load the Marks from SI to DataMap
        • After your Final Report Cards are completed
        • Please remember to run your reports in StudentInformation
        • Then load the files in DataMap
    • RIMPs / Interventions
      • As the school year comes to a close, please remember to close your RIMPs.
        • Also, if it is your District Policy to close your Interventions at the end of the school year, please remember to close them as well.
  • I have started getting contacts from districts requesting dates for DataMap Refresher training.  If you are interested or considering a DataMap Refresher or if your district is interested in starting the RIMP process or using Interventions for this coming school year, please contact me as soon as you have a date in mind so I can get you penciled on my calendar.
  • We have several new districts starting DataMap Data Services for the 23/24 school year.  If your district is having difficulty finding the time to keep you data up-to-date in DataMap, please contact us.  This may be a service that may benefit you!
  • As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time.  We are always more than happy to help.
  • I wish everyone a peaceful end to the school year and a beautiful, joyful summer!

EMIS Update:
Principals and Support teams have moved on to Roster Verification Phase 3 – Review and Approval

  1. Districts completed Phase 2 of Roster Verification on May 2. Phase 2 was the phase teachers confirmed which students they taught, during what period of instruction, and for what percent of instructional responsibility.

  2. May 3 – May 18, Phase 3 of Roster Verification is the Principal Review and Approval.

During this phase, principals and the support team ensure that all teachers have completed roster verification representing the most accurate summary of instructional responsibility for students at the school throughout the school year with minimal errors or omissions.

EMIS CrossCheck

NEW Check Staff Teaching a course- No 230 Position Code* This looks at teachers of Record that are not a position code of 230.  Refer to EMIS manual section 3.4 page 5 lists the Assignment Area.  This is where you can differentiate between Special Education and General Education.  Districts can use assignment Area #999370 = General Education and #999414 for Special Education

Check EOY Data Check* has re-opened for FY23 End of Year!

All graduation dashboards (for dropout recovery as well) have been updated to take into consideration the FY23 Grad collection now being open. Districts will see their dashboards populate as they report diploma and withdraw information.

*Just a reminder to check security set up to include these newer checks when they are published to those that need the check.

Professional Development

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting Where Kids Count Report Tuesday, June 6th

EMIS Alliance Working Assessment Missing Lists Wednesday, June 14th

ODE ITC EMIS Trainings- Focused Training- Graduation
The next EMIS Focused Training has been scheduled for May and will cover graduation reporting. These trainings will last up to 90 minutes and will be provided remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Dates and times for these sessions are as follows.

  • Wednesday, May 17, at 1 p.m.
  • Friday, May 19, at 9 a.m.


End of Year
GradeBook will not shut down prior to rollover as done in past years, Look for updates via email in July. Once the 2023-34 school year is loaded, you must complete GradeBook Integration. There are 2 options for GradeBook Integration In-Person/Self-Administered or NEOnet Administered. A district can choose to attend an open lab to do their GradeBook setup or have NEOnet do their integration.

GradeBook Integration 2023/2024 Survey:

Report cards can vaulted/finalized to ParentAccess, this will allow access to Report Cards prior to GradeBook integration.

Elementary Report Cards – In GradeBook:

  • Select Run Report Cards from the Principal or Clerical menu
  • Select a Report Card > Select Final
  • Report Cards selection screen > Submit
  • View Saved Report Cards
  • Convert to PDF
  • Select Finalize

Teachers GradeBooks

  • Before the end of the school year, teachers should print and/or save a hard copy of the reports they would like to keep.

Teacher Information that WILL NOT move to the next school year:

  • Calc Methods and Weights – for weighing assignment types
  • Teacher Preferences

Information that does roll over to the next school year:

  • Parent/Student Access Web Site Administration system settings
  • Parent/Student Access Web Site class home page
  • Parent and Student Usernames and Passwords
  • Named codes
  • Report cards
  • Courses associated with standards-based report cards
  • Courses and classes manually created in GradeBook
  • Assignment and homework banks
  • Lesson plan banks

Special Services:

  Before the school year ends, this is the time to review your data.

The FTE Report – Full Time Equivalent. Working with your EMIS Coordinator, review these Special Ed FTE0005 adjustments to resolve any loss of funding.  

The SPS data must be completed and entered into the Special Ed Events in SIS. Completing most open documents (excluding Progress Reports) by Friday, June 16th will allow the EMIS Coordinator time to work with you to correct errors. The 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Ends June 30th.

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