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Category: GB in the Know

In The GB Know – Week 3 – New Intervention and/or RIMP Icon

In the GB Know Week #3 New Intervention and&slash;or RIMP Icon On the class Dashboard, a new icon appears for any student who has an active intervention and/or RIMP in DataMap. • If the student has an active intervention, when you hover your cursor over , the tooltip displays Student has an active Intervention. Click

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In The GB Know – Week 2 – Clearing Browser Data

In the GB Know Week #2 Clearing Your Browser Cache/Cookies Subject: Clearing your Browser/Cache/Cookies What is Your Browser Cache? Your cache is the name for a portion of your hard drive dedicated to storing browser files that your browser determines it may need to use again. What Does Clearing my Cache Do? You are clearing

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In The GB Know – Week 1 – WebHelp

In the GB Know Week #1 WebHelp In GradeBook, in the purple ribbon on the top right is a question mark icon. Clicking this feature will open GradeBook Teacher Guide. The GradeBook Teacher Guide can assist with GradeBook navigation, attendance, assignments, grades, seating charts, reports, and so much more.

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