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Author: Tamra Dugan

December 2021 Librarian’s Update

SKETCHUP PRO TRANSITIONING TO A FREE WEB-BASED APP SketchUp Pro is discontinuing its Statewide License Grant program, which has been administered through INFOhio, effective July 1, 2022.  SketchUp Pro encourages

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September 2021 Librarians’ Update

Transparent Language Online Transparent Language Online is a web-based learning platform with over 100 languages, including English. Listening, reading, speaking, and writing activities support students to develop language skills while exploring

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October 2021 Librarians’ Update

NEW LEARNING PATHWAY CLASSES: COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT AND INFORMATION LITERACY The School Library Basics Learning Pathway has been developed to help school librarians learn the basics for managing an Ohio school library and

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November 2021 Librarians’ Update

SEEKING FEEDBACK ON IWONDER IWonder, a student tool powered by INFOhio, includes age-appropriate, curated collections of websites to help students in grades 4-9 with homework and research. IWonder’s collection of

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